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Kids Club

Stoney is a very special dinosaur-he's a Savasaurus! Stoney thinks saving money is fun. You will too, when you join the Savasaurus Club at 1st Choice Credit Union.

The Savasaurus Club Will Help You

  • Learn how to save money.
  • Learn how to use the credit union.

Who Can Be A Savasaurus

  • You can be a Savasaurus if you are 12 years of age or younger, and one of your parents or other family members is a member of the credit union.

How To Become A Savasaurus

  • Simply stop by the credit union and fill out a Savasaurus Club membership form. When you turn it in to the credit union with your $1.00 minimum opening deposit you will receive a coloring book, crayons, account card and other items.

Contact Us for more information regarding membership or eligibility.