Club Accounts

At 1st Choice Credit Union, you can open a Club account and save for whatever special purpose you have, such as:
  • Holiday Club (November 1st thru December 31st – 1 withdrawal).
  • Vacation Club – Draw date: June 1st of current year through May 31st of following year (without penalty). Must deposit $10 monthly into Vacation Club.
Features included in the Club Account include:
  • A competitive dividend rate
  • No minimum balance required
  • 24/7 account access
    • via Online Banking
    • VICKI – Virtual Cash Knowledge & Insights.
  • Quarterly statement
  • Payroll deduction for convenient automatic deposits

Kids Club Accounts:

Stoney is a very special dinosaur-he’s a Savasaurus! Stoney thinks saving money is fun. You will too, when you join the Savasaurus Club at 1st Choice Credit Union.

The Savasaurus Club Will Help You
  • Learn how to save money.
  • Learn how to use the credit union.

Who Can Be A Savasaurus

  • You can be a Savasaurus if you are 12 years of age or younger, and one of your parents or other family members is a member of the credit union.

How To Become A Savasaurus

  • Simply stop by the credit union and fill out a Savasaurus Club membership form. When you turn it in to the credit union with your $5.00 minimum opening deposit you will receive Savasaurus Swag.
kids account dino